kitchen kabaret . trendy eatery gets a pop of color.

kitchen kabaret. trendy eatery gets a pop of color.


The creative vision was to brighten up the retail space with pops of color and at the same time make customers aware of the catering services offered by this gourmet establishment.  With a clear understanding of the client brand, menus were strategically positioned to brighten up key areas of the store enabling employees to experience an uplifting boost as well as giving customers a positive spin on what the eatery has to offer.


wall space.

This was achieved by developing colorful and inviting signage to promote various food stations within the space. In doing so, the clean look of the menus offer appetizing imagery of the food trends and at the same time doubles as a customer draw to help navigate them throughout the space.


Catering menu. tasteful and appetizing brochure promoting kitchen kabaret's catering business. This piece was received so well, we replicated the look and feel and developed full scale signage/menus throughout the store to promote this fresh and uplifting new look.


Interior Signage. Kitchen Kabaret 3' x 4' wall menus placed within this gourmet eatery help customers to navigate throughout the space and point them to various food stations.